Great News From Marteau Absinthe!

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Volume III                          Seattle, Washington  – April 15, 2013                  No. 1

Greetings!   Great news about Marteau Absinthe: a new lineup!

New Marteau LineupFor some time I’ve wanted to introduce an absinthe that would remain true to Marteau’s original formula, but which would be more economical for the average consumer, so I’ve made a few changes that have created room for another, more affordable, Marteau absinthe.

This week I’m releasing a new super-premium product—Marteau Master’s Reserve—a gold-labeled elixir that will sell at the same price as the current product.  The first batch will be shipped this week and will be available at our online retailers,, Catskill Cellars, and, and local Washington State retailers, within two weeks.

Marteau Master's Reserve LabelThen, there’s a new version of Marteau Belle Époque (the familiar blue and white label) made with grain spirits and which should retail at around 40% less than the price of the current product.  This will replace the current product and go into production in May.  If you’re a big fan of the current Belle Époque, you may want to stock up now, because my stock is entirely depleted and there won’t be any further production.

For those interested in the finer details of this transition:

When I created Marteau, I was determined to make no compromises in making a product that was 100% faithful to the style and content of the very best absinthes made in the pre-ban era, as based on distillers’ documents from the 1800s and other research, like tasting actual pre-ban absinthe and letting my palate be my guide.  As it turned out, it cost a lot more to make than I had anticipated when I embraced that ideal.  Still, I don’t want to abandon an accurate and high-quality absinthe simply for the sake of affordability.


Artemisia absinthium

The things that makes Marteau so costly are a contract-grown, proprietary strain of absinthium wormwood which has an amazing flavor and aroma, and the grape spirits base, which is essentially a very high-proof eau de vie.  These each cost around 4 to 5 times more than the materials other brands use.

The recipe itself will remain unchanged for both of the new labels; only the commodity sources will change. These are the actual differences between the products:

• The currently-sold product has a grape spirits base and a blend of the proprietary and wildcrafted absinthium wormwoods.

• The new Master’s Reserve has a grape spirits base, and only the proprietary wormwood.  I’ll be growing other botanicals myself this year as well, such as the petite wormwood and the lemon balm.

• The new Belle Époque will have a grain spirits base, which is the industry standard for liqueurs.  It will also use botanicals sourced from both the USA and Europe, but not the costly proprietary wormwood.

In addition, by late summer or before, both labels will be available in 357ml half-size bottles.

Look for Marteau at PROOF Washington Distillers Festival this June where we’ll be sampling both new absinthes!

Gwydion Stone

Owner, Distiller
Gnostalgic Spirits Distillery
Seattle, WA

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2 Responses to Great News From Marteau Absinthe!

  1. Larry Senechal says:

    Smart move! This way to you can still appeal to the high-end consumer and compete better on the lower end. I hope this drives a lot of business your way.

  2. Gwydion says:

    Thanks, Larry. Good to hear from you! Yes, I’ve wanted to make Marteau accessible to more people for a long time and this seemed like the best way to do it.


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