Gnostalgic News for March, 2012

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Volume II                                Seattle, Washington  –                                  No. 2

It’s time for more great news!

From the Distillery

In January, I told you that I’d made arrangements to produce the first few batches of Marteau at another distillery here in Seattle, until our own distillery permit comes through.  Well, the formula was submitted to the TTB several weeks ago, and I expect the approval form to arrive this week.  There was a little haggling with the TTB formulation specialist (it seems there always is when it comes to absinthe) and after I demonstrated that all of the ingredients really are safe, he agreed to approve the formula.  Once we have approval, production begins!

Marteau Sponsors The Moisture Festival’S ‘Libertease’  BURLESQUE shows

The Moisture Festival is the world’s largest Comedy/Varietè festival, running for four weeks every spring in Seattle, and this year you’ll be able to order a glass of Marteau Absinthe at all of the Libertease burlesque shows at the Broadway Performance Hall, as well at the Moisture/SIFF presented The Sound of Silents with a Side of Schtick, at the Uptown Cinema.  This year the Moisture Festival runs from March 15th through April 8th, so pick a show and get your tickets!

We’ve been big fans of burlesque for years, and have enjoyed the revival immensely.  Of course, absinthe and burlesque are old friends, so it made perfect sense to seize the opportunity to put them together!

The Burlesque scene in Seattle is ripe with immense creativity. These local performers relish the edge and fearlessly explore sexual humor. They’ve consistently garnered a top spot in the Las Vegas Miss Exotic World Pageant. Combine these local burlesque stars with national and international headliners in this genre, add varietè artists whose material and humor not only cross the line but mock the idea that there is a line and you have The Moisture Festival’s Libertease Burlesque Shows. If you are 18 years or older buy a ticket and fasten your seat belt.

The Great American Absinthe Festival 

Join the Wormwood Society June 1st through 3rd, nestled in the alpine beauty of Montana’s Flathead National Forest for the first American absinthe festival!

America needs its own absinthe festival, and what better way than to have it to evolve naturally from the hard work and success of Joe and Julie Legate’s semi-private event, The Rocky Mountain Green Hour?

Wormwood Society board members and distillers of Ridge Absinthe Verte, Ridge Absinthe Blanche, and Silvertip Gin, Joe and Julie have been hosting RMGH for three years now, so we already know that northern Montana boasts a glorious alpine ambiance and is home to some of the most flavorful and fragrant wild wormwood around.  It’s the perfect place to start!

Although this is a consumer’s festival and will never become a corporate trade-show style event, it will inevitably grow, so you’ll want to be able to say “I was there when it all began!”

This will be a casual event that will be enjoyable for extreme absinthistes and newcomers alike: a couple of social get-togethers on Friday and Saturday evenings, a day of seminars, tastings and panel discussions on Saturday (with room in between for relaxing), and a Farewell Brunch on Sunday.

Registrations are limited to under 200 people, so register now!

Gwydion Stone

Owner, Distiller
Gnostalgic Spirits Distillery
920 South Holgate St.
Seattle, WA

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